Founders of the Massachusetts Bible Society - 1809

The Massachusetts Bible Society began on July 6, 1809 and is an ecumenical, Christian organization dedicated to promoting Biblical literacy, understanding, and dialogue. This blog lists brief biographies of our founders who gathered in the Massachusetts State House Senate Chamber on that historic day to sign the Charter founding MBS. Please visit our website:

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Thursday, August 20, 2009


While general sources are listed in the body of the biographies, there are not formal footnotes. Thanks to the Google Books Project, which has made thousands of original, contemporary documents available online, I had access to funeral sermons, contemporary town histories, obituaries, society records, and much more on the internet.

Because many of these men were notable for their achievements, there was often information available on Wikipedia or in modern sources like Virtual American Biographies. Genealogy sites often helped to confirm suspicions or point me in new directions.

Where I felt uncertain, or where there were several candidates, I made an educated guess and listed my reasons in their biography. Undoubtedly there are some errors, and since we have also posted these biographies online (see our website at, I will be happy to make changes or add information if there are descendants or other researchers with more and better information.

I do have much of the specific source information if anyone would like it, but in the vast majority of cases you can simply google a quote and turn up the source quickly.

I am grateful to Thomas W. Allen who sent me a whole CD of information on Rev. Thomas Allen, including the portrait shown with his biography and the wonderful life insurance ad featuring Rev. Allen printed on the inside back cover. I also wish to thank Rev. Tom Wintle who supplied the picture of Rev. Samuel Kendal from a bas-relief hanging in his church in Weston and Eric Wasileski for supplying the portrait of Timothy Rogers from the Bernardston, Mass. church.

The following list of founders is in the original order as read from left to right across the columns.

The Founders List As It Originally Appears

Rev. Samuel Webber, D.D. Rev. Thomas Allen

Rev. John Lathrop, D.D. Rev. Eliph. Porter, D.D.

Rev. Eliph. Pearson, D.D. Rev. Edw. D. Griffin, D.D.

Rev. James Freeman Rev. Joseph Eckley, D.D.

Rev. Abiel Holmes, D.D. Rev. Samuel Kendall, D.D.

Rev. J.T. Kirkland, D.D. Rev. Jos. L. Buckminster

Rev. Jos. Chickering Rev. William Emerson

Rev. Thomas Gray Rev. Jed. Morse, D.D.

Rev. Samuel Cary Rev. Henry Ware

Rev. Horace Holley Rev. Joshua Bates

Rev. Samuel Gile Rev. John Codman

Rev. Jacob Norton Rev. Joshua Huntington

Rev. Joseph Tuckerman Rev. Joseph McKean

Rev. Asa Eaton Rev. John Foster

Rev. John Eliot, D.D. Rev. Charles Lowell

Rev. John Pierce Rev. Timo. Alden, Jr.

William Phillips, Esq. Samuel Salisbury, Esq.

Dr. Isaac Rand Hon. George Cabot

Hon. John Phillips Mr. Samuel H. Walley

William Thurston, Esq. Francis Wright, Esq.

Daniel D. Rogers, Esq. Mr. Eben Larkin

Hon. Samuel Haven William Davis, Esq.

Hon. John Q. Adams Hon. Isaac Parker

Hon. Thomas Dawes Hon. John Davis

Hon. Samuel Dana Mr. Jona. Phillips

Rev. Joshua Huntington Mr. Francis Parkman

Rev. Joseph Tuckerman Dudley A. Tyng, Esq.

Mr. Lemuel Hedge Alden Bradford, Esq.

Francis D. Channing, Esq. John L. Sullivan, Esq.

Hon. Edw. H. Robins Mr. William Hilliard

Mr. Joseph W. Jenkins Mr. Nathan Parker

Mr. Francis Hyde Mr. Oliver Holden

Mr. Ensign Lincoln Deacon M. Grant

Mr. Wm. Andrews Mr. John Tappan

Caleb Gannett, Esq. Mr. Edward Phillips

Mr. Edw. Tuckerman, Jr. Mr. John Grew

Mr. Henry Chapman Mr. Henry Homes

Mr. Josiah Bumstead Mr. Joseph Callender

Mr. Samuel T. Armstrong Mr. Daniel P. Parker

Mr. Andrew Calhoun Mr. William Brown, Jr.

Mr. Elam Bliss Mr. David Hyslop

Mr. Daniel Mallory Deacon Isaac Warren

Mr. Isaac Warren, Jr. Deacon David Goodwin

Mr. John Bartlett Mr. Josiah Salisbury

Mr. Gustavus Tuckerman Mr. Eben. Rockwood, Esq.

Mr. John Farrar Mr. Sidney Willard

Mr. Luther Wright Mr. Joses Grant, Jr.

Mr. Thomas Furber Mr. Edward Dorr

Mr. Thomas Bumstead Mr. William Perkins

Mr. Eben. Withington Samuel Bartlett, Esq.

Deacon John Walton Deacon John Simpkins

Mr. Timothy Rogers Mr. Abel Fox

Mr. Henderson Inches Mr. Chester Stebbins

Mr. Peter Thacher, Esq. John Mellen, Esq.

Deacon Josiah Moore

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